Personality and Spiritual Quest – In the Footsteps of the Prophet

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

In this chapter, Ramadan recounts several stories from the prophet’s life that highlight his personality before the revelation. Some cool Seerah info I learned:

  1. A Christian Monk named Bahira met the prophet in Syria while he was on a business trip with his uncle. He identified with all the signs that made the Prophet a Prophet (ex. his background, social position…), including his seal of Prophet-hood. Then, he warned his uncle that a great yet harsh destiny awaits the Prophet.
  2. The Prophet attended a meeting to establish a pact of honor and justice, called the Pact of the Virtuous, between the Meccan tribes. This pact wanted to set an end to the wars between the tribes. After the revelation, the Prophet acknowledges the greatness of this pact and the fact that he “would do it again”. [Hadith by Ibn Ishaq]
  3. Abdullah Ibn Masud reports that Khadija AS was around 28 years old when married to the Prophet.
  4. Zayd was given the choice to go back to his family or stay as a servant with the Prophet. He chose the Prophet, and that was when he the Prophet freed Zayd and declared him as his son.
  5. When the Prophet was around 35 years old, he was expected to lead the tribe of Bani Hashem. He, however, had little interest in public affairs.
  6. The Prophet used to have visions that later came true in real life.

The Prophet has always been a man of values and high morality. He was wise, fair, honest and trustworthy. These values are universal, reachable by the human conscious. They were later affirmed and indeed encouraged by Islam. In the light of Islam, we perform these values for the sake of God.

Another lesson learnt, is that it is okay to participate in non-Islamic treaties, pacts and alliances, as long as, of course, they do not oppose Islamic teachings.

Favourite Qoute:

… he first heard a voice calling and greeting him: Assalamu Alaika ya Rasul Allah!