The Bastard of Istanbul – A Quick Review

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

… some among the Armenians in the Diaspora would never want the Turks to recognize the genocide. If they do so, they’ll pull the rug out from under our feet and take the strongest bond that unites us. Just like the Turks have been in the habit of denying their wrongdoing, the Armenians have been in the habit of savoring the cocoon of victim hood. Apparently, there are some old habits that need to be changed on both sides.

I expected more historical knowledge and less dirty family secrets. The writer has a beautiful way in writing things, so much dark satirical humor. I didn’t continue reading the last third of the book, got a bit bored of the so many little details. I skimmed through it though, found out the ending and the answers to everything.

I got in contact with my Armenian friend to ask her about the current Armenian situation. Apparently, injustice towards Armenians is still ongoing today. Also, many of their rights and lands are still out of their hands. The book made it seem like all what the Armenians suffered is in the past and now its all about just making the Turks “acknowledge” it. Based on what I learned from the book, my advice to the Armenians would have been to just forgive. But after talking to my friend, I realized forgiveness still can’t be made until some rights and lands are redeemed.